Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Date With Dr Seuss....

And of course Dominic. Date night is very important in our family and tonight I was lucky to have dinner and see a play with Dominic at Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre to eat and watch Seussical. So to start off our night we arrived at 6pm to have dinner before the show started at 7:30. Dinner's a buffett as well as dessert. The set up was amazing with a variety of wonderful food. So as we sit down to eat it's a table of four and at this point it's just Dom and I, we start to eat and the host seats another woman and young lady. I can see Dominic's body language that he is uncomfortable to have dinner next to strangers. He looks at me and says "Mom why are they sitting here?" Well I forgot to prepare Dominic that this was not a normal resteraunt and they sit guests where there is availability. Within a couple of minutes we broke the ice with our table guests explaining it's our date night and it's Dominic's first time to see a musical. Turns out as we were talking to Kathi and Bailey, Kathi's an actress at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre and se plays the wicked stepmom in Cinderella and Bailey her grandaughter is visiting from Florida for the summer. We had a blast conversing with them over dinner and dessert. Next the play starts and I could see in Dominic's eyes how much he enjoyed the play, taking in each character as his face lit up! I could also see Kathi paying attention to Dominic and by the end of the play Kathi asked Dominic how he enjoyed his first musical. Dominic was thrilled that he had the opportunity to have been introduced and couldn't wait to do it all over seeing another play. With all the excitement Dominic displayed Kathi gave us her number and told Dominic if he wanted to see Cinderella he could call her and she would "Hook him Up". Well well my little socialite agreed to call her if he wanted to see Cinderella but would also stay in touch with his new friend Bailey. Kathy then proceeds to invite us to the cabaret following the show to meet all the actors from Horton Hears A Who. Well my little guy took her up on the offer and met everyone he wanted to and ask for autographs. I couldn't believe how independent and social he was tonight. He went from actor to actor talking away and asking to get pictures too! Dominic amazes me and makes me proud to have experienced this with him.

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